Post Festival Depression

Post festival depression symptoms are the symptoms that many of us experience. After a long festival, we go to work like everyone else. If you feel down, tired, exhausted, and complain of insomnia and loss of appetite after the festival, you may be experiencing post festival depression syndrome.
NLD University Psychiatrist Prof Albert Jhons said that people who went to the festival with great expectations and could not cope with stress experienced post-festival depression.


Stating that depression can often show symptoms of weakness, loss of appetite and sometimes insomnia after the festival, Johns stated that classical depression symptoms can also be valid in post festival depression, and there are symptoms such as “Unhappiness, reluctance, distraction, boredom even from routine work”.Patients who come to us with these symptoms When we questioned the reason to understand why the incident took place, he said, “We know that they have just returned from the festival and that these symptoms have not decreased even though it has been a month.”



Stating that depression is a disease that progresses with stagnation, joylessness, reluctance, sleep and appetite disorders, Prof Albert Jhon said:
The most important factor in experiencing depression is the negative energies we receive from outside.While the patient is trying to struggle with every external factor that causes stress, if he gets tired or if this strong posture mechanism is not working, depression occurs.

Depression pushes the person into increasing depressions and the possibility of struggling with the problem disappears. There may be a complete lockdown situation. In such cases, I recommend you to consult your physicians to solve the lock and deal with the problems. Suggestions like “become your own doctor” will not work. Because after a year-round desired event like a festival, it will not be pleasant to face the realities of life. Struggling with problems, exhibiting a strong stance are some of the main two basic factors to overcome depression. If these facts have stress-inducing qualities, the return of the festival will be a complete surprise It could be hell.



Noting that it is important how the person spends the festival, Prof Albert Jhons said that people who get away from the realities of life during the festival are more likely to experience post festival depression.

The more we stay away from the truth during the festival, the more painful the effect will be when we return home. This situation brings with it adaptation problems along with the pain.
Incompatible people will not be able to adapt to this change and will be dragged into depression. The quality of the work life after the festival as well as the quality of the festival is one of the main features of their adaptation problems. If these people are not satisfied with their work life, it will be very difficult for them to go to work in the morning. Returning from the festival can be their fearful nightmare. If we forget that “every good event comes to an end”, the severity of depression will increase. We need to prepare ourselves and follow the precautions to avoid disappointment. For example, you have an elderly family member. He has an incurable disease and the household is waiting for his death, here is what he is waiting for. It reduces your disappointment. Because death is life itself. Even while having fun at the festival, the life conditions that will be entered into after the festival should not be forgotten.

Individuals who cannot cope with stress experience post festival depression more frequently. Do not forget that complaints that last longer than a month should go to the doctor. People who return after the festival and cannot adapt can be very depressed. Do not be afraid, you can easily overcome this with the methods mentioned above.

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