Science can be defined as an effort to explain the phenomena of the world and the universe through observation, experiment, and reasoning.

Science has developed as a result of mankind’s curiosity about the world and the universe in which they live.
Human beings who follow their curiosity “Why?”, “Why?”, “How?” He tried to explain the events in the universe by seeking answers to his questions. Mankind has found answers to many questions thanks to science.
but there are many more questions in the universe that need answers. Below are examples of questions to which mankind has found answers thanks to science. As one of the scientists of the future
You can be individuals who contribute to the development of scientific knowledge.

Why is the Earth’s temperature not always the same?

• Why can’t people see in bright environments but not in dark environments?
• How do lightning and lightning occur?
• Why do objects dropped from a height move towards the ground?
• Why do living things resemble their parents?

To design objects, processes, and systems to meet people’s wants and needs.
Any application made can be defined as engineering. Engineers are people who develop applications that can make life easier by using scientific principles and concepts. Buildings resistant to major earthquakes, ballpoint pens, mobile phones, light bulbs, canned foods are designed by engineers.
They are products or applications that are developed and encountered in all areas of our lives. engineering
The products that come into our lives as a result of their applications are introduced to people by developing various strategies by entrepreneurs. In this way, people get to know these applications in a shorter time.
and intended use.






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