Statistics service Gracenote thinks Northern Ireland has no chance of winning the European championship, but Norway also has to give up on being underdog.
Despite the return of Ada Hegerberg: Gracenote only gives Norway a  % chance of going through. At the same time, the UK (21%), Sweden (18) and France (15) are the big favorites, while the Netherlands (12), Germany (11) and Spain (9) also have more likely than Norway.

TV 2 and NRK have championship rights, and matches are split between channels.

Thursday, July 7: Norway is on fire


HUNGRY: Norway comes to England as one of the weaker teams.

9 pm: Norway – Northern Ireland (TV 2 and NRK Sport)
This is a match Norway must win to control the progress of the group. Ada Hegerberg’s return contributed to an ambitious medal goal at the European Championships, and after that there was no room for error.

Statistical service Gracenote has by far Northern Ireland the lowest chance of reaching the group stage (three per cent) – of any European champion nation. Northern Ireland is also the lowest ranked team in the European Championship (

Many of Northern Ireland’s hopes lie with Liverpool player Rachel Furness, the national team’s all-time top scorer with 38 goals in 81 games. Can she put a voice in the wheel for Norway?
Friday, July 8: Danish dynamite? Pernille Harder
POPULAR: Denmark captain Pernille Harder is one of the biggest circus stars of the European Championships.

6 pm: Spain – Finland (TV 2)
9:00pm: Germany – Denmark (NRK1)

Group B has long been called the “group of death”, and here it immediately knocked down the bat. Gullballen winner Alexia Putellas was originally set to stage Spanish stars, but on Tuesday it emerged that the star player was ranked above the European Championship. How will this affect the Spanish team? In any case, Finland will likely face a difficult task moving forward.
Former European Championship runners-up Denmark will also be the underdog in this endeavor. Since Finland lost every match, much of the groundwork was laid in the opening match. Pernille Harder et al. make it difficult for Germany’s eight-time (!)

Saturday, July 9: Swedish test

Fridolina Rolfo

EC VICTORY: Barcelona forward Fridolina Rolfö took the lead as Sweden opened the EC against the Netherlands.

6pm: Portugal – Switzerland (TV 2 Sport 1)

9 pm: Netherlands – Sweden (TV 2)

The first Saturday of the European Championship will open with an important game for the underdogs of Group C. If Portugal or Switzerland wants a chance at qualifying, they ‘must’ have three points in the first game. The Swiss player is being weighed down when he leads with two solid defeats against Germany (7-0) and England (0-
). The Netherlands and Sweden are the best candidates to progress, and it will be interesting to see how that affects the opener. Are our Swedish neighbors weighed down by expectations or do they have a gripe from the start?
Sunday, July 10: Longing for France


MORE FUN? Marie-Antoinette Katoto (t.h.) will be one of the defensive players at the European Championships. Here, she celebrates teammate Melvine Malard’s goal. 6pm: Belgium – Iceland (NRK1)
9 pm: France – Italy (TV 2). Thousands of Iceland fans are expected to make it to the European Championships, but only a handful of them can attend this match. It was played at the outraged Manchester City Academy stadium, which can only hold
,700 people. The European Championship’s small stadiums generated a strong response to the European Championship, and now the smaller stadium will too. Belgium and Iceland should have a win to be able to compete for 2nd place behind the big team, France. France has perhaps the most formidable attack at the European Championship. Marie-Antoinette Katoto has delivered another rudimentary season for PSG, and the scoring machine can quickly fire France across Wembley. Italy has the advantage of reaching the semi-finals of the European Championship after 25 years, and Milena Bertolini really needs to unleash a blow of tactical genius to discipline “Les Bleues”.
Monday, July 11: Revenge of the Norwegians? Norway vs. England in the quarterfinals of the World Cup 2019

GRACE SUPPORT: Lucy Bronze scores to make England 3-0 in the World Cup quarter-final against Norway in 2019. 6pm:

Austria – Northern Ireland (TV 2)

9pm: UK – Norway (NRK1 and NRK Sport)

Austria is likely to put pressure on Norway with a victory over Northern Ireland. Then a lot can be decided in the final group game.

Above all, Norway must measure its forces against the host country. It was precisely England that reached the quarterfinals of the 2019 World Cup, where Norway lost 3-0. Now Martin Sjögren’s team really has an answer to the list’s position. Can Norway win points against the home team and squeeze their progress?
Tuesday, July 12: Giant match

Alexia Putellas

BEST IN THE WORLD: Spaniard Alexia Putellas is the latest Ballon d’Or winner.

6:00 pm: Denmark – Finland (NRK1)
9 pm: Germany – Spain (TV 2)

The stage is set for a showdown in Scandinavia, where Finland will attempt to rob points from its southern neighbors. Denmark must win this match to have a chance to qualify for the next round against the big boys in Group B.
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