NBA Draft The attention of NBA players, coaches, management and fans will be at the Barclays Center in New York tonight.

Nba Draft 2022

The home stadium of the Brooklyn Nets will host the 2022 NBA Draft, where the 30 teams that make up the world’s most competitive professional basketball league will determine their future stars.

The draft is a system organized to recruit new talent, primarily from college basketball but also from international clubs.

Its purpose is to reinforce promising new players from teams that have underperformed throughout the season by selecting existing players who have not joined the NBA.

30 NBA teams select a total of 60 players. The first round, in which each team chooses their favorite player, is determined by how they finished qualifying at the end of the season.

Distribution among the teams that could not find a place in the playoffs. First pick of the lowest placed team among teams, second worst, second pick, etc. It will be a highest winning round.

There will be 58 picks in this year’s NBA draft. This is because 55 of the Miami Heat and 54 of the Milwaukee Bucks were removed from the rankings due to irregularities in the search for free agents.

According to ESPN news, the names NBA teams are expected to add to their squads in the first round are as follows:

– When is the 2022 NBA Draft, when is it, on which channel?

The 2022 NBA Draft takes place today at 02:30 a.m. CEST. The event will be broadcast live on S Sport.

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