The virus, called “Slammer” for short, spreads using a vulnerability found in Microsoft’s widely used “SQL Server” product around the world. Slammer creates such heavy traffic in the system that it penetrates to spread to new systems and the data traffic capacity used by the system will be exhausted in a short time. The Internet has faced the biggest attack of the last 20 years. The worm named SQLP1434.A, shortly called “Slammer”, began to conduct a DoS attack using an MS SQL 2000 Server vulnerability that was patched in July 2002. The attack brought internet traffic to a standstill in places.


According to the information provided by the electronic security company InfoNet, the vulnerability that Slammer uses and is only in memory and therefore difficult to detect with anti-virus software was reported to Microsoft in June 2002 and solutions were provided by Microsoft. July 2002.

However, concerns that IT network administrators could not install this solution on their systems raised electronic security concerns.

Turning off infected servers is enough to remove the worm. However, there is a risk of re-infection by the worm if the required patch is not installed.


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