Expert Kramarenko: Johnson’s successor will be the opposite of him, a respectable person

Boris Johnson’s successor as British Prime Minister will be the opposite of him, a man who is quite stable and less prone to scandals, only in this way can the confidence of voters and foreign partners be restored. Into the UK government, RIAC Development said. Director, Counselor of the Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom Alexander Kramarenko. Johnson announced on Thursday that he will step down as prime minister and lead Britain’s Conservative Party and will fulfill his duties until a new prime minister is appointed. Mr. Kramarenko said: “His successor will be something treasonous. Someone who is solid enough, not loose, not messy, not involved in many scandals.

Only then can it be restored. Confidence of the British people and London’s international partners in the British government”. He notes that in the British elite “there are tough, serious, respectable people”.

“The problem is that the whole establishment, the (British) elite over the last few decades, you might say, has collapsed – morally, intellectually, in every way. In that respect, Boris Johnson Kramarenko is a prime example of Kramarenko citing former housing and public services minister Michael Gove, who had previously called for Johnson to resign and be fired, in contrast to Michael Gove, who had betrayed him. (Johnson) at one point, before he became Prime Minister, now he (Johnson Gove) has protested to kick him out of government.

So I accept that Gove could be one of the main candidates for prime minister,” Kramarenko predicted. On Wednesday, Britain’s Housing Minister Michael Gove urged Johnson to step down. In response, Johnson told Cabinet members he would not resign because last week, the former British Under-Secretary of State for EU and US Affairs, Christopher Pincher, held a meeting. Drunken brawl at a club in London. Some politicians have claimed that Johnson appointed Pincher as deputy coordinator of the conservative faction in parliament, despite knowing of his notorious past. Johnson issued an apology and admitted that, “in hindsight, he did the wrong thing”, but the admission was followed by a series of resignations due to a lack of confidence in the prime minister. In less than two days, about 50 government employees left their posts, including the heads of key ministries such as the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health.

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