In Istanbul, Abdullah Türkoğlu was horrified when the compensation case filed by the family of the person he injured with a gun was not withdrawn. Türkoğlu, who first killed the lawyer of the case, Servet Bakırtaş, in his office, then shot and killed Öznur Tufan, who filed a lawsuit against him, with a gun.


Abdullah Türkoğlu injured Öznur Tufan’s nephew with a gun a while ago. The attacker, who was caught later, was punished by the court he was brought to and sent to prison. Türkoğlu, who was released in the past months, learned about the compensation case brought against him by Tufan. The attacker, who called Öznur Tufan and her lawyer Servet Bakırtaş, asked for the case to be withdrawn. However, the lawyer and the woman refused this request. Thereupon, Türkoğlu began to threaten him by calling repeatedly.


After the case was not withdrawn, Abdullah Türkoğlu first went to Servet Bakırtaş’s office in Bakırköy Kartaltepe District. Türkoğlu, who killed Bakırtaş here, later came to the workplace of Öznur Tufan, who filed a lawsuit against him, in Büyükçekmece.

Opening fire, Türkoğlu escaped after wounding Tufan in the neck. Öznur Tufan was taken to the hospital by the medical teams who came to the scene upon notice. The attacker was caught by the Büyükçekmece Police Department teams.

Öznur Tufan, 71, died in the hospital she was taken to. The attacker’s police proceedings are continuing. The moments when Öznur Tufan was shot were reflected in the security camera of the workplace.


Describing what happened, Tufan’s neighbor said, “The incident stems from a discussion in Bahçelievler. He shot Öznur Tufan’s nephew there. Thank goodness he didn’t die. He went to this prison. He spent five years. This is out of prison. A lawsuit has been filed. This did not lift the case. He was in no condition to do anything. He had been threatening for a year. They didn’t. This one came and hit it today,” he said.

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