British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Thursday that he will step down as prime minister and party leader. This follows two tumultuous days on British politics. Just yesterday, Boris Johnson said he had no intention of resigning as Prime Minister.
However, during a press conference at 1pm, Johnson confirmed that he would be leaving 10 Downing Street.

Theresa May’s voice broke as she walked out the same door and announced her resignation three years ago. It was a much more repulsive Prime Minister to meet the press today.

– It is clear that the Conservative Party wants a new leader and a new Prime Minister. I agree to that and let the election campaign begin now. Johnson also advises that there will be a plan to move forward tomorrow, Friday.

“I think it’s very sad, and also very sad when I say the best job in the world,” said the future Prime Minister. Dramatic days
Johnson is about to retire after two very tumultuous days in British politics.
Since Tuesday, 59 people in the government have resigned. There are more than one person per hour. – The reason I’ve struggled so hard these past few days to stay in office is not just because I want to, but because I feel it’s my responsibility to deliver on the promises I made during the 2019 election, Johnson said. .

At the same time, he added that he is extremely proud of what his government has achieved. Johnson thinks the handling of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and improved relations with Europe are things he is satisfied with after serving as prime minister.
Will support his successor
“For the British people, I’d say I know many people are relieved,” Johnson said, addressing some of those present, who bowed to him during parts of the news conference.
“And some of you must be disappointed, too,” he continued, turning to the press. The Prime Minister also took the opportunity to express support for the future successor:

– For the new leader, whoever he is, I will support him as much as I can.

Johnson says he will remain prime minister with his newly appointed government until a new party leader arrives. Appoint a new government

Just an hour before the press conference, it was announced that Johnson had appointed a new government.

That is to say, he filled the positions left open after the big flight away from the government.

So far, 13 Tory politicians have pulled out of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s siege.

Thus, 59 people in the government apparatus have resigned. On average, there are more than one member per hour. The background to the mass layoffs was that Johnson admitted on Tuesday that he was aware of sexual harassment allegations against trusted member of the party Chris Pincher.

Pincher is accused of stabbing two men. He was suspended by the Conservative Party last week.

Johnson named him one of the Conservative Party supporters earlier this year. Threatened with distrust

Several state ministers have previously expressed a wish that Johnson could not be in office over the summer. They want

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab to take over.

In other words, they failed. Labor has threatened to introduce a no-confidence motion against Johnson in parliament if he remains in office over the summer.

If such a no-confidence movement wins a majority, new elections will result, The Guardian writes.
The Conservatives don’t want that, so it’s difficult to vote on the proposal, even if it’s not happy with Johnson.

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