The train carrying 243 passengers in the United States struck a truck in Missouri and derailed. The authorities have announced that at least 3 people have been killed and many others wounded following the incident.

In the incident near the city of Mendon in the US state of Missouri, the train from Los Angeles to Chicago containing 243 passengers and 12 officers collided with a truck at the level crossing. The grievous noted that, as a result of the collision, 2 locomotives and 8 passenger cars derailed from the train.


The Missouri Highway Patrol reported that three people were killed in the accident. The US National Railroad Company (Amtrak), however, did not report on the number of injuries, while explaining that there were injured people as well as those killed in the incident. While eyewitnesses said that some passengers were bleeding, the American press reported that at least 50 people were injured in the accident. According to hospital staff, three persons were transported to the hospital by ambulance.


Derailed train in the United States: There are deaths and injuries.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson expressed his sadness regarding the incident in a statement on his official social media account, while state public safety officials announced that road police and other emergency teams had stepped in.

Amtrak stated that the accident occurred because the truck at the crossing prevented the train from going through.

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