In the United States, foreign manufacturers of infant formula are paving the way for a long stay in the US market after the closure of the nation’s largest baby food factory triggered a crisis. Nationwide crisis.

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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have announced a plan to help foreign manufacturers send supplies into the country with emergency approval to fill the shortage of baby food. , and said it would also be assured of a permanent marketing license in the country.

Susan Mayne, director of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, said in a written statement on the agency’s website, “Ensure access to safe and Nutrition for the youngest and most vulnerable people is an FDA priority. Help them better understand their options for continuing to produce and deliver formula the week, month and year from now. Used expressions.
To make the registration process more efficient, the FDA will hold meetings and provide manufacturers with a single point of contact to work through the regulatory system, the statement said. In addition, it is also shared that after the last crisis, more than

Abbott’s Michigan plant, the largest baby food maker in the United States, opened June and closed again June 13 after severe storms damaged the facility this

Baby food crisis in America

After four babies became seriously ill and two died from formula, the FDA opened an investigation at formula manufacturer Abbott’s facilities in Michigan.

The factory was closed in February due to a bacterial risk, and some of the recalled products were “dangerous”.
Due to the “baby food crisis,” which culminated with the impact of supply chain disruptions in the United States, families have struggled to find baby food on shelves in recent months, while manufacturers report that they cannot keep up with the high demand.

Even though they have run out of work capacity. While the issue is also on the White House agenda, US President Joe Biden has been meeting with the nation’s largest manufacturers and retailers to address the baby food crisis.
Biden signed the Defense Production Act on May 18 to address children’s food shortages and launched “Operation Flying Food.” In this context, baby food has been delivered to the United States by plane 6 times from other countries.

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