NHL Draft spectators witnessed an impressive appearance by WWE Raw star Kevin Owens.
Bruce Boudreau was one of four committee members, including Jackie Redmond, who worked with WWE on Raw Talk and SmackDown Low-Down.

Owens came down from the box he saw and greeted Bruce on the board, where he was introduced as “Bruce Boudreaux’s favorite fighter.” Boudreaux asked when Owens would return after a “minor injury” recently, and Owens simply said “very soon” before saying he intended to return to SummerSlam.

Owens was originally scheduled to face Ezekiel, Elias or Elrod in a Bank playoff on Raw last week, but the match was canceled due to Owens’ absence. Owens also recently told an interesting story about how the panda appeared in his last WWE.

The NHL network split the clip and WWE Raw Talks of Jackie Redmond, who also covered the NHL, said he was also surprised to think it would be Boudreaux Day. Boudreaux blushed and admitted he was a little confused when the title “Bruce Boudreaux’s Favorite Fighter” appeared on the screen. Everyone laughed when Owens flattered himself. Boudreaux asked when Owens would return and the WWE superstar responded a few weeks ago. Boudreaux said then that Owens should be at SummerSlam and K.O. The WWE would decide, then laughed when Boudreau said he would be in his corner as his “leader Lou Albano.” “You will be appointed immediately,” Owens said.

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