Scientists in Argentina have discovered a new carnivorous dinosaur species with short arms, just like the Tyrannosaurus rex had. The species has been given the name Meraxes gigas. The animal had a length of 11 meters and a weight of more than 4 tons. That is the conclusion of researchers in a report published this week.
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The carnivorous dinosaur belongs to the group Carcharodontosauridae and is believed to have lived between 145 and 66 million years ago. The remains of the animal are very well preserved, according to the researchers. For example, the bones of the tail, torso and many other bones are still intact.
In recent decades, fossils from the same group of dinosaurs have been found before. But since this find is still largely undamaged, paleontologists have gained a much better idea of ​​what the skull and other parts of the dinosaur looked like.
What is striking about this find are the small arms of the giant dinosaur. This makes the Meraxes gigas somewhat similar to the Tyrannosaurus rex. But according to the researchers involved, it lived on other continents and the bones in the tail differ from those of the T. rex.

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