The first message given to the world of the G7 Leaders’ Summit, which convened at Elmau Palace in Bavaria, Germany, was delivered by Olaf Scholz, “We Must Arrange Supply Chains by Acting Together”.


G7 Leaders’ Summit, hosted by the German, started today on 26.06.2022 in Elmau Palace.

The main topic of the session was the war between Russia and Ukraine and the inflation affecting the world, as well as the crisis in energy resources.He stated that the G7 States are determined to find a common idea against the difficulties in this period the world is going through.

In addition, Scholz said, “The organized support of Europe and the United States to Ukraine against Russia’s invasion attempt was an outcome that Putin did not expect. It is obvious that we are right as much as we are right. We stand by countries that are free and want to determine their own destiny.

In the meeting we had with Joe Biden in the morning, we declared that we agree on all aspects of the Ukraine situation and we can say this here too. Germany and the United States of America will always cooperate We will continue our cooperation on all issues that affect us, including the economy and energy of the G7 countries,” he said.

Olaf Scholz: We Must Streamline Supply Chains by Acting Together RAW MATERIALS FAILURE AND INFLATION

Expressing that some countries are worried about the crises, the rapidly rising inflation and the shortage of raw materials, German Chancellor Scholz said, “The destruction of the Supply Chain is not a minor problem.” It means that we can manage to deal with it in a way that will help us.


Stating that they will focus on security policy issues at the summit tonight, Scholz said, “The war between Ukraine and Russia may be on the world agenda, but this is not the only problem. We must work hard on the security framework for the world. I hope we will get positive results in these talks. “I think we can send both economic and political messages,” he said.

Russian Oil at G7: Price Limit Coming

US President Joe Biden New Sanctions On Russia

As always, the G7 Leaders did not neglect the family photo. In his message on Twitter, US President Joe Biden stated that they were working on new sanctions against Russian President Putin and that they had taken their decision. He also stated that the decision banning Russia’s gold imports across the USA would be announced.


Another leader who made important statements before the G7 summit was British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.”The sanctions that we will explain here today are of a nature that will directly hit the Russian olgiarchs. Putin is spending his dwindling resources on this meaningless war. We need to embargo the funds of the Putin regime. Britain and its friends are working on exactly this issue,” he said.

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