Passengers on a plane from England to Spain were surprised when they looked out the window and saw the F-18 planes.

An incredible incident took place on Easyjet’s flight EZY8303, which departed from London, the capital of England, to the island of Menorca in Spain. Alarmed by a British bomb threat, Spain took off its F-18 warplanes.

While those who saw the F-18 warplanes next to the Airbus A319 type aircraft could not believe their eyes, there was a great shock among the passengers. Those moments were recorded by another passenger.

While it was understood that an 18-year-old British citizen made a false report, London police announced that the person who made the report was caught.



Images of the F-18 warplanes of the Spanish Air Force, taken in the sky, became the agenda of the social media in a short time. In the footage, it was also noteworthy that the F-18 fighter jet opened its wings and gave a message to the pilot of the passenger plane to follow.

As the plane arrived at Menorca airport with the help of the Spanish Air Force, the plane landed in the main terminal, away from other planes. It was announced that bomb disposal experts arrived in the area as soon as the plane landed.
As a result of the investigations, no trace of a bomb was found on the plane, but it turned out that the report was fake.

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