Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer and his aide, Angela Rayner, were acquitted last year for violating coronavirus measures. British police announced on Friday that the couple would not be fined as a result.

Police investigated Starmer and Rayner at a campaign meeting in Durham in April 2021. The video of the meeting showed Starmer drinking beer and eating takeaway food with his colleagues. This would have broken the blocking rules in force in England at the time. Police initially concluded there was no conflict in Starmer, but reopened the investigation after new information emerged.

Police said Friday there was no need to file cases. He cited exceptions to essential jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.
For me, it’s a matter of principles.

Starmer tweeted that he always said he didn’t break any rules while visiting Durham. “The police have finished the investigation and they agree: there is no case to answer. For me, this has always been a matter of principles.

Starmer and Rayner previously said they would resign if a police investigation finds they were breaking the law. The couple had previously called for Boris Johnson’s resignation after being fined for violating coronavirus rules at a party at their official residence during the premiere.

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