Prince Andrew of Britain was initially very pleased with his high-profile TV interview on BBC Newsnight in 2019. Producer Sam McAllister, who took part in the interview, said Queen Elizabeth’s son was satisfied with the way the interview went and even wanted to prove it. The whole team was there.

McAllister revealed more details about the conversation in his new book The Scoop: Behind the Scenes of the BBC’s Most Shocking Interviews, published Saturday by the Daily Mail.

When the interview was recorded, the thin man on television “barely saw anyone’s eyes.” He gave surprising answers one after another. Every time I thought I couldn’t get worse, I can’t believe that his people haven’t stopped doing interviews. I will do so despite the possible consequences. ”

McAllister then asked the prince’s spokesman what he thought. “She smiled and said,‘ Isn’t it wonderful? ’I thought she would give up and look shocked or worried about the prince, but she smiled and he looked happy too, so I understood: he really thought it all came out well. He was in a good mood and suggested we visit the palace together.

Andrew spoke in the interview about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and the allegations that he had sex with underage women under Epstein’s supervision, which had a huge impact on Prince. The Duke of York retired from public office shortly after the conversation and disappeared from view.

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