Post Festival Depression

Russia’s St. Petersburg State high school graduations were celebrated enthusiastically by the students.

Every year, students celebrate the “Red Sails” (Scarlet Sails) festival in Petersburg. Students whose numbers reach tens of thousands participated in fireworks displays.
This traditionally celebrated graduation has been going on for more than half a century.

Russia’s St. The “Red Sails” (Scarlet Sails) festival, which was held in St. Petersburg to celebrate high school graduations, was celebrated with enthusiasm this year as well.


This festival, which started in the Leningrad Schools in 1968, was symbolized and celebrated in connection with the book ‘Scarlet Sails’ written by Alexander Grin.

Celebrations were stopped during the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the authorities brought it up again in the 2000s. Since 2005, the festival has been celebrated by students in Russia.

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