German energy company Uniper has officially requested a package of support from the German government. The proposal calls on Germany to take a “related” stake and guarantee higher loans. The parent company Fortum is also in talks with Berlin.

Uniper did not get all the gas from his contract due to Russian restrictions on gas supply. As a result, the company was forced to buy additional gas from the gas market. Prices there are much higher than Uniper’s long-term contracts.

The energy company fears that it will not be able to make the most of its gas plants and meet its obligations to large consumers. As a result, the company estimates it can take advantage of its natural gas reserves next week.

The current situation is costing Uniper a lot of money. The company expects to lose up to 10 billion euros this year. Uniper also owns a coal-fired power plant on Maasvlakte in Rotterdam.

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