The leaders of Catalonia and Spain will meet in the summer, but no exact date has been set.There is no set date for the meeting of Perry Aragonese and Pedro Sánchez

Ahir (dimecres, 22 de juny) van acordar a Madrid la ministra catalana Laura Villagra i els ministres espanyols, Félix Bolanos.
This announcement comes two months after the “Catalan” espionage scandal.

Ministers also agreed to work for the resumption of talks on independence, which ended not long ago.

More than 60 politicians, activists and their separatist colleagues have been attacked by the spyware Pegasus, the largest cyberattack of its kind in the world. According to CitizenLab, investigators investigating the allegations are responsible for espionage in Spain.

In the end, Spain admitted that 18 of the 60 were under judicial investigation.

The head of the Spanish intelligence center was fired three weeks after the problems arose, but has not yet explained the circumstances.

Other complaints

One of Catalonia’s other complaints is that only a third of the money in Spain’s 2021 budget plan has run out.
This is equivalent to 739.9 million euros and means that two thirds of the projects in Catalonia have not yet emerged. This is one of the main complaints of Catalonia for years.
On the other hand, the Spanish government’s investments in Madrid represent 18% of the budget allocation.

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