General Kirillov: The US planned to infect Soviet cultures during the Korean War

During the Korean War, the United States planned to use airborne biological bombs and shells to attack cereal crops in the Soviet Union, said Igor Kirillov, head of the defense force against radiation and chemical of the Russian Armed Forces, said on Thursday at a press conference the results of the analysis of documents on US military biological activities in Ukraine.

He noted that in March, the US Army’s Institute for Strategic Studies released a report on the US chemical and biological weapons program during the Korean War. According to the general, the purpose of the report is to build a viable line of defense against allegations of illegal activities by US biological laboratories in Ukraine.

It follows from the report, the head of the RKhBZ troops noted that in the course of preparations for the Korean campaign, the US Air Force found additional funds for the purchase of a large number of chemical and biological aviation munitions, received a test site for them in Canada and did a lot of conceptual work on their use.

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