Saylorville Lake is one of these important rivers. Where is Saylorville Lake? Where does it originate and where does it spill? What are Saylorville Lake features and length? We have compiled information about Sakarya river for you.All of the rivers in the United States are very important with their different characteristics.

One of the largest rivers in the United States is the Saylorville lake. Saylarville lake is the third largest lake in terms of length. Saylarville is a lake with many important features for the United States.

Where is Saylorville Lake?

Saylorville is one of our rivers that has an important place in the United States. Saylorville Lake is located on the Des Moines River just north of the city of Des Moines in central Iowa. Saylorville Lake starting point is considered to start from the city of Iowa. This lake that runs near Iowa is 11 miles long.

Where Does Saylorville Originate and Where Does It Spill?

Saylorville lake starts from the Des Moines River in central Iowa.
It passes over the city of IOWA, passing through many places in the United States. Another name for Saylorville lake is Des Moines.

 Features of Saylorville Lake

The total length of the Sakarya river is 87 kilometers. This length also includes the beds it began to assemble. It is among the largest lakes in America. In terms of length, it is the largest lake in the Northwest America. We can list the other features of Saylorville lake as follows:
– The area of ​​the basin it feeds is 5950 kilometers.
– The annual rainfall in the basin is around 31 billion cubic meters.
– It carries 5 or 6 billion cubic meters of water in 1 year.

Length of Saylorville Lake

Saylorville Lake is the third largest lake in the United States. Lake Saylorville (24 km2) or 9.3 square miles (24.1 km2) covers an area

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