John Kirby, the White House National Security Council’s strategic communications coordinator, said the resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson would not affect aid to Ukraine. Washington

In an interview with Fox News, Kirby Johnson today assessed his resignation as party leader.

Kirby stressed that, regardless of the identity of the head of government, assistance is provided to Ukraine, saying, “All NATO leaders and the Group of Seven have pledged to provide assistance to Ukraine whenever they can.” , he said.

Johnson under pressure to resign

Johnson has faced criticism and pressure to resign during the Covid-19 outbreak for a party that violated quarantine rules in the prime minister’s office.

Some of his party’s lawmakers and opponents accused Johnson, forced by one party, of lying to Parliament. Johnson’s recent criticisms have focused on the fact that he appointed Bench to his party when he learned of the harassment allegations against MP and Conservative leader Chris Bench.

Just before the ministers resigned, Johnson apologized to Pincher for the commission and expressed his deep regret.
Despite his calls to resign from both the party and the opposition, Johnson announced yesterday that he would continue in office, but today he has resigned from his party leadership. Johnson will remain prime minister until a new leader is elected.

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