Turkey and Israel have signed a preliminary agreement allowing EL AL to resume flights to Turkey. Turkey and Israel signed an agreement in the aviation sector.

The two countries signed an initial agreement that allowed EL AL to resume flights to Turkey, according to a written statement from the Israeli prime minister’s press office.

According to reports, the heads of the Israeli and Turkish civil aviation authorities signed the agreement today, which has been highlighted as an “important milestone in the development of relations between the two countries”, after “open negotiations”. and constructive “. In recent weeks.

The statement said the deal was implemented following an agreement between Israeli Prime Minister Yar Rabid and Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu during his visit to Ankara on June 23 in his capacity as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Emphasizing that the agreement “forms part of the decision to expand and develop relations between the two countries,” the statement said, “The preliminary agreement is a vital step on the road to the final signing of the aviation agreement, which is expected to enable Israeli airlines to resume flights to Turkey.” statements were included.

The agreement is also expected to allow Israeli airlines to resume flights to Turkey for the first time since 1951.

Israeli Transport Minister: “A historic deal”

Israeli Transport Minister Merav Michaeli described the move as a “historic agreement”.
Michaeli used the following statements in his post on his Twitter account before the signing of the agreement:

Michaeli emphasized that this agreement is “an important step towards strengthening the economic and strategic ties between Israel and the countries of the region”.

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