It is reported that Robert E. Crimo, who carried out an armed attack during Independence Day celebrations in the US state of Illinois, confessed to his crimes during interrogation and the assailant was on the rise. plans to launch an attack in Wisconsin after Illinois. During the Independence Day celebration on July

at Highland Park, Illinois, USA, 22-year-old Robert E. Crimo opened fire on a crowd, killing 7 people and injuring 39 others. Lake County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Christopher Covelli said in a statement that Crimo plans to move from Illinois to Wisconsin and conduct a similar attack in Madison. Noting that investigators had information that Crimo had gone to Madison, Covelli said, “He saw a celebration going on in Madison and was seriously considering another assault using a gun in the car. mine. We have no information that he originally intended to go to Madison to carry out another attack. “We believe he was walking around and watching the celebrations after the initial attack,” he said.

Hours after the Highland Park attack, Crimo was removed from the vehicle and a second gun was found in the vehicle.
Accused of 7 first degree murders

Speaking to reporters after Crimo’s first hearing before the judge, Lake County Attorney General Eric Rinehart said the court had ruled that Crimo would be held without bond and that Crimo was charged with murder. person level one in seven times. Justice Minister Rinehart said Crimo confessed to shooting at the crowd during police interrogation after being taken into custody. He acknowledged what he did,” she said.


Attorney General Rinehart, in a statement ahead of the hearing, said that Crimo should be sentenced to life in prison without parole for failing to carry out the death penalty in Illinois. He has set the next hearing in the Crimo case for July 28.

Crimo, who was arrested by police a few hours later, is said to have dressed up as a woman to blend in with the crowd while fleeing after the attack, and it is reported that Crimo planned the attack. several weeks before.

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