Thousands of people in Georgia started a march in the capital to join the European Union.

After the postponement of the Georgian candidacy, the people took to the streets. About 60,000 demonstrators who participated in the protest gathered for the “March for Europe” in front of the Georgian parliament, waving Georgian, Ukrainian, and EU flags. Banners reading “We are Europeans” were unfurled at the demonstration.

A protest was held in Georgia in support of European Union membership. The European Commission, with its decision on June 17, suggested that Ukraine and Moldova be given candidate country status, but said that this decision was premature for Georgia.

“We will do our best for you”

Ukrainian President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, in his speech to the people gathered at the rally in Tbilisi, said, “We will always be with you”.

European Union Applications

Ukraine became the first country to apply to the EU right after the Russian attacks. Georgia and Moldova were among the other applicants.

On 17 June, the EU Commission informed Ukraine and Moldova that the European candidacy process is continuing successfully. It was reiterated that this situation has not yet been clarified for Georgia and that it should apply again by making the necessary applications.


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