According to those who argue that the metaverse Internet can contribute to the development of underdeveloped countries: With the internet, technical skills can be spread to the society in these countries, the society can be transferred to the money economy, and in this way, new job alternatives can be prepared for people.

For this, those who will use the metaverse internet should inform the public about national development; enable the public to participate in decision-making and action; they need to build a two-way bridge between the masses of the people and the rulers, and teach the people new skills.

In the use of the Metaverse Internet, if these steps are taken together, they will have the opportunity to fulfill their three basic duties like other mass media. The three key tasks are:


Instantly Optimizes Information Resources

It provides a direct life and experience and development by giving information to the society about places and subjects that it does not know, does not go to, and has not seen. Thus, it connects countries to the outside world. It expands global markets.
(They enable the traditional society, which listens to different sources about the dangers, possibilities and events of the society, to direct them to the media.

The Metaverse Internet can create a public opinion focused on problems such as national development and modernization; on this subject, the form, quality, and nature of communication habits in underdeveloped countries, which are interpersonal and verbal. Moreover, since those who manage the mass media in underdeveloped countries are in the position of “wall watchers” in mass communication, they can, like the watchmen on the hills in primitive societies, decide which events in society are important, which are good, which are bad, and which should be announced to the public.


Creates Innovative Communities

The Internet metaverse enables the public to acquire new attitudes towards innovation; it leads to a desire for new ideas, new goods, and a new lifestyle. This, in turn, can help national development. By showing the tools and living in economically developed countries, introducing the developments in distant countries, giving information on political, economic, social, and cultural issues in various countries of the world, making the people of the developing country think about their practices and traditions in a different way.

Augmented Reality Metaverse The Choice Of Those Who Present İnnovations To The Audience

They create a climate of intellect. In such a climate, the society discards some traditional institutions and develops new ones; in this way, it facilitates the relations between people and enables the society to establish more effective social relations.


It is unnecessary to dwell on these views at length. It is understood that the aim of these views, which do not foresee structural changes in an underdeveloped country, is not social development, but to realize some innovations in underdeveloped countries. How the unit called society was formed; how and how it enhances its structure; Ignoring that fundamental changes should be made in the economic and social structure of the society to change the cultural characteristics of the underdeveloped society, these meetings, although it is customary to mention them in the works of Western scientists, at least by mentioning them, are not of much importance today; It can be said that they evaluate the problem from a very superficial level. We will see why this is so when we examine ideas about what the mass media cannot do.

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