Ministry of Defense: Metabiota is the front to solve US political problems

There is evidence that Metabiota is a cover to solve American political problems and is used by Americans to carry out financial activities in various countries, said Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, head of the force.

Radiation, chemistry and defense (RCBZ) of Russia said. . Armed Forces, during a briefing Thursday. Kirillov reiterated that the Russian Ministry of Defense has repeatedly mentioned the role of the representatives of the Democratic Party of the United States in funding biological military operations on the territory of Ukraine, and that intermediary organizations have been used. for this purpose. “I would like to describe in more detail about one of the Pentagon’s main contractors, which received money from the Hunter Biden investment fund, Metabiota. And was used by the US political elite to conduct financial activities. not transparent in many parts of the world,” said Kirillov.

Kirillov also set an example when Metabiota was involved in eliminating the aftermath of the Ebola pandemic in West Africa. “The activities of the company’s employees have raised questions from the World Health Organization about their compliance with biosafety requirements,” Kirillov pointed out.

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