More than 50 members of the government have resigned and the Prime Minister of the UK is leaving. Here are some of the scandals that have rocked Boris Johnson. He has been Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for just under three years. Just a few weeks younger than her predecessor Theresa May. Now Boris Johnson is done. He is known as an eccentric guy. Men with goofy bangs often have sharp lines and sly smiles.

Johnson has repeatedly been compared to his previous American counterpart, Donald Trump. But for Trump, he has accumulated scandals.

It started with Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid. They no longer trust Johnson.

– Enough is enough, resigned Javid said during Prime Minister’s Question Hour after the departure was announced.

1 – Pincher case


In February, Johnson assigned a new whip to a group of Conservative MPs: Cristopher Pincher.

Pincher was forced to resign last week, after admitting he had “annoyed others” in town.

He is accused of raping two men at the Conservative Party members’ club, the Carlton Club in London.

– As I told the Prime Minister, I was too drunk on Wednesday (June 29, editor) and I feel ashamed of myself and others. “I’m so sorry,” Pincher told the BBC.
It turns out that Pincher has been accused of sexual harassment several times.
There is much speculation about whether Johnson was aware of these allegations when he appointed Pincher to the whip job in February.

– The prime minister is not aware of any specific allegations, was the message from the prime minister’s office. A former State Department administrative head,then appeared on Tuesday morning.

According to Lord McDonald, Johnson was briefed at the beginning and end of the investigation into the allegations. Pincher was not acquitted in that investigation, which took place in 2019.

So, according to Lord McDonald, Johnson knew he had specified a whip with allegations of sexual harassment against him.

2 – Partygate

In the midst of the corona pandemic, Britons are sitting at home with a stark message of no visitors.

At the same time, several evenings were held with the Prime Minister at Downing Street. Lots of booze and vomiting is the manager’s description of some parties. Up to nine evenings are held, completely closed. In addition, eight other parties broke common infection control rules. Johnson was fined by the police for attending a birthday party. He also had to lament to Queen Elizabeth that a party was being held in Downing Street the day before Prince Philip’s funeral.

Johnson has repeatedly claimed he knew nothing about illegal parties. Parliament is still investigating the extent to which Jonson misinformed representatives about this.

3 – Porn in Parliament

There have been other sex scandals among Johnson’s Tory MPs.

In April, former chief Imran Ahmad Khan was found guilty of raping a 15-year-old boy. On June 23, another whip, Neil Parish, had to be retired after he was caught watching porn in the middle of the House of Commons.

Parish, a farmer before becoming a politician, said he sat and watched the Claas Dominator-type tractors for the first time. Then it must have arrived on a “website with a very similar name”.

Another Conservative MP was arrested on suspicion, among other things, of rape and sexual assault. The politician was released on bail in May and has not been named due to the identity of the victim.


4 – Renovated Downing Street with gold wallpaper

In April 2020, Boris Johnson began renovating the home at 11 Downing Street, where he and his wife Carrie Symonds live.
Renovations quickly become expensive. The work was done by renowned design firm Soane Britain, and gold wallpaper was used among other things.

The total price is 112,5

9 pounds, or about 1,360,000 Norwegian kroner.

The Prime Minister receives £30,000 a year for the maintenance of the house, so the rest has to be taken care of by Johnson himself. According to former Johnson adviser Dominic Cummings, Johnson has called on anonymous donors to fund the renovation.
These donations went unreported and the Conservatives had to pay a fine of £17,800.

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