The suspicious death of 22 people at a nightclub in South Africa is being investigated by forensics.

In the statement made by the city police, it was stated that 17 people died in the first place at the nightclub called Enyobeni in the city of Eastern London in the morning and many were hospitalized.
In the local press release, it was reported that the death toll was 22 with the death of 5 more people, unfortunately, among the people who were taken to the hospital.

Chief of Police Bheki Cele reported that the ages of the victims were between 13 and 17, the causes of death remained unclear, and a senior forensic team was assigned to the issue.

Could be gas poisoning.

Forensic officials speculate that the victims suffered gas poisoning and died as a result.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa shared on his social media account, “He conveyed his condolences to the citizens who lost their lives at the scene.

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