The US administration announced that it has held bilateral talks with countries in the region to integrate the air defense systems of Middle Eastern countries against Iran.


Commenting on US President Joe Biden’s visit to the Middle East next week, John Kirby, director of strategic communications for the White House National Security Council, said one of the issues on the table was the threat from Iran.

Indicating that they will continue to help Israel maintain its dominance in the region in terms of air defense, Kirby said it has also met with countries in the region to cooperate on air defense issues.

Kirby points out that concern about the ballistic missile capabilities of Iran, one of the countries in the region, is growing day by day, and uses the following statements:

“We are having bilateral discussions with countries in the region, especially about their air defense capabilities and what we can do to help their air defenses, and we are exploring ideas about using could somehow integrate their nation’s air defense capabilities. In response to the growing threat from Iran, this will indeed provide more effective cover. “

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