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While Markieff Morris didn’t play much a season ago after sustaining an injury following a dirty push from Nikola Jokic, the forward will offer his bravery for the Golden State Warriors, which have lost one of their tough players. best in the league.
Morris played for the Heat and finished the season with just 17 games played.

However, he will be able to return to the full pitch.

The Golden State Warriors have lost a late four talent and an enforcer. They can get a bit of both by signing Heat striker Markieff Morris. Morris 6ft 9in is now 32 years old. A former Jayhawks player, Morris toured the league, playing for the Heat, Wizards, Suns, Lakers and Pistons. Now a free agent, Morris has yet to sign.

Meanwhile, the Warriors lost Otto Porter Jr and Gary Payton II.

One person who left the Golden State to talk about more is Nemanja Bjelica. Bjelica and Porter Jr added three-pointers while Payton II became one of the NBA’s best ball defenders.

For five consecutive seasons, Morris has averaged double digits, so scoring ability is also there. Morris is a brave defender who can also join and be a force for Golden State, much like Draymond Green.

Morris hasn’t played more than 65 games in four consecutive seasons, so Dubs wants to appreciate and understand whether the veteran forward has the potential to stay on the pitch. However, his career numbers and all he can bring to the team make him an ideal fit for the Warriors. It will be around that veteran’s minimum, so it makes sense for Morris to sign a deal with Golden State.

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